Elberton field trip

Today my special topics students and I went to visit the site of a ghost town here in the Palouse. Apparently Elberton, Wa was established in 1886 by Sylvester M. Wait. It is situated in a valley near the confluence of the north fork of the Palouse river and Silver creek. Below are some of the images from the trip I did along side my students.

New work

For last 6 months I have been focusing most of my energy on teaching here at WSU. Its been one of those things where trying to balance teaching three classes a semester and continuing my own work has been some what of a challenge now that am no longer just an adjunct. But I finally got back to the making part and here are some examples of what I have been up to.

Summer Season

Welcome! I am going to try a keep my website updated with in progress/experiments as I see fit to share. This blog on my website will be a vehicle for ideas and news.

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